- a numinous journey into water and light -

Voyage beneath the waves with me off the coast of Byron Bay into the world of ever changing water and light accompanied by the meditative and evocative music of Stuart Wilde. Nature and in particular the ocean are my refuge. In nature's heart, I am reminded of the mystery and magic that surrounds us all on this most amazing planet we call Earth. It is at once humbling and exalting to realize we are all inter-connected and interdependant and together can co create a world of abundance and harmony for ourselves and all creatures ...

I loved the music (particularly the flute) on Stuart Wilde's "Where The Raven Lands" album. I contacted Stuart and he gave me permission to use the music you will hear on AQUAESQUE. Stuart Wilde died suddenly and unexpectedly this year and his memory lives on in his music and in his books and in AQUAESQUE .... visit

Take the journey with me to a world that exists in the sea...just below the surface...allow yourself the time and space to surrender to the rhythms of water and light and music...with


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